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ABC 600g Fire Extinguisher

ABC 600g Fire Extinguisher
ABC 600g Fire Extinguisher
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ABC 600g Fire Extinguisher

Royal Fire Extinguisher 600g ABC ;has a 3A, 21B rating and is suitable for A class fires(solid materials e.g. wood, paper, textiles etc.,), B class fires (flammable liquids e.g. petrol, diesel, paints, solvents etc.,), C class fires (flammable gases e.g. propane, butane, natural gas etc.,) and electrical equipment fires. 

The powder interferes with the combustion process of the fire and provides rapid knock down. Powder fire extinquishers cover most multi-risks and work in freezing conditions down to -20C. Simple to use, pull out the yellow safety clip, hold upright and aim at base of fire, then press trigger down firmly.

Can also be used at Home, Cars, Caravans, vans, kitchens, restaurants, offices, workplaces, hotels, garages


  • Range of Discharge: 2-3 metres
  • Operating Temperature -20 degrees to +50 degrees
  • Minimum Discharge Time 6 seconds
  • Dimensions: Height 287mm - Diameter 66mm
  • Weight: (with bracket) 0.77kg

Warning: Not suitable for use on Deep Fat Fires