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Camping Toilets


Camping Toilets

A chemical toilet to suit every budget from the cheap and cheerful Kampa Khazi to more sophisticated dual chamber toilets from Kampa and Dometic. You can also buy the Fiamma range of Bi-Pot toilets and bidets for Porta-Potti and Thetford cassettes and or just a replacement or spare kassette for your existing motorhome toilet to extend your range between campsites.

Chemical Toilet Fluids - Waste and Flush Chemicals

Toilet Fluids to help keep your Camping Toilet hygienic and fresh smelling. Toilet Chemicals are available in 3 types;

  • Blue Waste Tank Fluid to break down waste and reduce smells,
  • Pink Bowl Cleaning Chemical for flushing,
  • and environmentally friendly Green Toilet Fluid with no Formaldehyde for eco conscious campers.
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Dometic 966 Portable Toilet

High density polyethylene construction makes this an extra tough portable toilet to with stand knocks and bumps in transit and storage. The Dometic 966 also has a scratch resistant matte finish that is easy to clean and looks new for years.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £46.00
View Dometic 966 Portable Toilet

Enviro-soft Toilet Tissue

Enviro-soft Toilet Tissue

Price (Inc. VAT)   £1.98
View Enviro-soft Toilet Tissue

Fiamma Soft 6 Toilet Roll

Fiamma Soft 6 - a special 2-ply soft toilet tissue, specially formulated for fixed and portable toilets. Stronger and softer tissue dissolves quickly in water.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £3.65
View Fiamma Soft 6 Toilet Roll

Fiamma Toilet Brush Pro

Fiamma Toilet Brush Pro with holder that has been specially designed for motorhome and caravan bathrooms. Compact, it takes up very little space in the corner of the bathroom

Price (Inc. VAT)   £6.25
View Fiamma Toilet Brush Pro

Fiamma Toilet Brush Seat Fit

Fiamma Toilet Brush with container, essential for all chemical toilets. Supplied with velcro for fastening to inside of toilet lid. Brush is made using durable rubber, which is easy to clean.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £6.25
View Fiamma Toilet Brush Seat Fit

Kampa Khazi Portable Loo

Simple and cheap portable toilet suitable for camping, caranning, boats and outdoor events, the Kampa Khazi is an excellent value alternative to flushing toilets. Compact when not in use, the outer shell can be used for storage when travelling.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £19.99
View Kampa Khazi Portable Loo

Blue Diamond Toilet Fluid - Pink Bowl Cleaner 2L

Bowl cleaner toilet fluid for chemical toilets. 2 litre bottle of pink toilet chemical bowl cleaning fluid for caravan toilets.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £7.50
View Blue Diamond Toilet Fluid - Pink Bowl Cleaner 2L

Fiamma Bidet for Chemical Toilets

Available as Fiamma Universal Bidet for all Bipot chemical types, Thetford Porta Potti and Thetford Cassette 1, 2, 3 and 4, or, Fiamma Bidet 200 for swivel bowl Thetford Cassette 200, C250 and Dometic CT3000.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £7.99
View Fiamma Bidet for Chemical Toilets

Fiamma Bipot Chemical Toilets

Fiamma Bi-Pot is the simplest yet strongest, self-contained portable chemical toilet available and makes an ideal toilet for any caravan or motorhome. Available in three models of different dimensions, Bipot 30 (11 litre holding tank), Bipot 34 (13 litre holding tank) and Bipot 39 (20 litre holding tank).

Price (Inc. VAT)   £62.99
View Fiamma Bipot Chemical Toilets
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