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Featured Products


Heavy Duty Waterproof Poncho

Heavy duty plastic poncho fits easily in your pocket or rucsac for days out, festivals, concerts and sports events.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £2.99
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Sunncamp Holiday 400 Trailer Tent

The Holiday 400 Acrylic is based on the award winning Holiday 400 S. This trailer tent cloth is a durable and hard wearing a 280gm² acrylic coated material. Great Value with a flexible 400cm deep awning with moveable front walls, push out kitchen area with a toilet/wardrobe compartment as standard.

Price (Inc. VAT)   P.O.A.

Camp-let Concorde trailer tent

The Camp-let Concorde is the ideal option for either two people or families. The optional side annexe lets you sleep upto 6 in comfort and the 18m2 footprint means you will not be short on space.

Price (Inc. VAT)   P.O.A.

Fenwick's Overwintering Exterior Protector - 1L Bottle

Winter treatment for caravans and motorhomes which adds a protective layer to defend against algae, mould, fungus, aribourne pollutants, acid rains and potentially harmful effects of birdlime. Durable and tough the layer will not diminish in harsh weather and so will protect your vehicle until it is washed off in spring with fenwick's Caravan or Motorhome Cleaner.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £10.00
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Lumo Downlite

Lumo Downlite

Lumo 21 LED Downlites are very energy efficient utilising the latest in LED technology for optimal performance on 12 volt circuits giving clear white light while using little power to preserve the charge in your leisure battery. They are easy to install or retro fit into most caravans, motorhomes, van conversions and commercial vehicles

Price (Inc. VAT)   £16.00
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Easy Camp Dry Pack M - Medium Dry Bag

Medium size dry bag ideal for keeping a sleeping bag or change of clothes dry in wet conditions. Put it in your rucsac or use it to carry beach gear. Alternatively put your wet swimming gear or wetsuit in the dry bag to keep damp out of your car.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £7.00
View Easy Camp Dry Pack M - Medium Dry Bag

Lumo LED 9 Ceiling Light

Lumo LED 9 Ceiling Light

Neat and discreet Caravan Celing Light. This Lumo Light has 9 LED bulbs giving a strong down light while drawing oly 0.75W and 65mA so it won't drain the leisure battery in your caravan.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £14.99
View Lumo LED 9 Ceiling Light

Fire Blanket 1m x 1m

An important tool for fighting kitchen and clothing fires. When pulled from it's container it opens to provide a 1m2 coated surface for extinguishing out of control flames.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £14.99
View Fire Blanket 1m x 1m

12V 7S Plastic Plug

This listing is for the 7 pin grey plastic plug found on the towing leads of a caravan with traditional twin electrics.

The grey plug is the one which provides power from the car for appliances in the caravan such as a fridge when it is being towed.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £2.65
View 12V  7S Plastic Plug

Easy Camp Dry Pack L - 60L Waterproof Dry Bag

Large 60L dry bag ideal for swimming or watersports gear. Put your wet gear in here before throwing it in the boot to avoid fogging up your car or pack your family's clothes in the Easy Camp Dry Pack on the campsite to protect from damp.

Price (Inc. VAT)   £8.99
View Easy Camp Dry Pack L - 60L Waterproof Dry Bag